Bulldozer ТМ10.11 ГСТ9

Bulldozer ТМ10.11 ГСТ9
Type Прямой с гидроперекосом, тип В9
Blade width, mm 3400
Blade height, mm 1150
Vertical skew, deg. 10
Lifting / penetration of the soil, mm 1020 / 435
Dozing capacity, cub. m 4, 2
Blade weight, kg 2200


Single-tooth ripper, H-type
Penetration, mm 650
Ripper weight, kg 1560
Type ЯМЗ-236М2
Nominal engine power, kW (h.p.) 132 (180)
Engine capacity, l 11, 15
Maximum fuel consumption, g/kW (h/hp) 214 (157)
Torque, Nm 667 (at 1250 to 1350 rpm)
Suspension Three-point caterpillar support with balance beam
Подрессоривание Micro-Suspension
Frame Bearing structure made of steel, welded with high accuracy
Rollers 6 supported, 2 supporting on each side, on sliding bearings (lifetime lubrication)
Tread caterpillar 42 башмака с каждой стороны
Caterpillar width, mm 500
Track tension device Hydraulic, manual
Type Hydrostatic BOSCH-REXROTH
Gear Hydraulic pump-hydraulic motor (stepless switching)
Бортредукторы Планетарные (Италия)
Control Electrohydrated
Brake gear Hydraulic (hydrolock)
Attachments steering system
Type Hydraulic, separate-modular
Hydraulic pump Тандемный НШ-70/32А-3Л
Hydraulic pump capacity, l / min 180/100
Maximum pressure, MPa 18
Hydroallocator Three-section (Belarus or Italy)
Filter Двойная очистка: на всасывании, полнопоточный на сливе
Cabin control
Cabin Hexagonal, sprung, improved visibility, double glazed windows
Safety Приточная вентиляция с фильтром, аварийный люк (опция), ROPS/FOPS, внешний аккумуляторный отсек
Seat Ergonomic, sprung with safety belt
Traffic control 4-posititon joystick
Attachments control 4-position joystick
Filling volume
Cooling system, l 24
Fuel tank, l 310
Lubrication system, l 18
Hydraulic transmission and attachments control system, l 130
Loaded characteristics
Maximum forward / reverse speed, km/h 12/12
Traction on caterpillars, t 18
Массагабаритные характеристики
Tractor weight, kg 15 000
Bulldozer, weight, kg 19 000
Maximum ground pressure, MPa 0, 062
Dimensions, mm 6200х3310х3380